Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology – Yorkville University

Registered Psychotherapist

Bachelor of Education (BEd)

About Alisa Serebro

Alisa, a former teacher and military spouse, understands the challenges of prioritizing others over oneself and is familiar with the burnout that arises from neglecting personal well-being. With over a decade of research, trial and error, and guidance from mental health professionals, Alisa has embraced the freedom and peace she desperately needed.

Inspired by her own journey, Alisa has established a therapy practice that focuses on addressing both the symptoms and roots of anxiety, trauma, and ADHD. She is passionate about providing a friendly space for clients to unpack their burdens and finally prioritize self-care.

In sessions, Alisa takes a Person-centered and Positive Psychology approach, integrating strategies from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Narrative Therapy, among others. For those unfamiliar with these approaches, Alisa encourages clients to come as they are, with the assurance that she will be focused on them and helping them navigate their story. Expect some homework; Alisa, being a former teacher, can’t resist. These tasks are designed to solidify progress and enhance the therapy experience.

Alisa’s goal is to collaboratively create a plan with clients to overcome daily stresses and help them realize their full potential. She invites clients to navigate their stories together with her.

Additional Training and Courses

Alisa is enthusiastic about continuous learning and is committed to enhancing her knowledge. Here are some of the additional training and courses she has taken to serve you better:

Session Information

Sessions with Alisa cost $150 per 50-minute individual session.

If you are planning to use benefits to access services, Alisa is a Registered Psychotherapist.

Sessions are available online and in-person at our Barrie location (49 High Street).